A moment of silent prayer

Emily’s here! Hooray, hooray.

But this afternoon she had jobs to do, and Malcolm still needs to rest.

I popped into Myeondong Catholic Cathedral, as it looked so – well – European.

I now know from the stained glass windows that Jesus and his twelve apostles are European, probably northern European.

I also saw an elderly woman at her prayers. She had a tasselled prayer card. But beside her was her smartphone. She was systematically tapping through it as she completed each prayer. Is this the 21st century version of the rosary?

Only in Korea……

By the way, this shot is of the cathedral by night, as it was when we first saw it.


9 thoughts on “A moment of silent prayer”

  1. lovely vignette of the rosary with smartphone! Not so good about the N. European representations… V glad Emily has arrived and hope M will get better soon with or without any doctor’s help


  2. Interesting – I wonder when then the cathedral was built? It is interesting how our phones have changed our lives even how we worship and pray. I have an app that replaces a small booklet I would read, pray and reflect – same content, different delivery. Prayers to you and Malcolm, and of course to your visit with Emily.


    1. Thank you. It was built in the 1890s and is the best example of Korean Gothic Revival. It’s a fine, airy church. Huge numbers of Koreans are Christians, mainly RC or Presbyterian.


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