Feeling rather proud…..

…… because this evening I went out all by myself to a spit-and-sawdust neighbourhood restaurant. I’d had to leave poor old Malcolm tucked up on his mattress to catch up on lost sleep. Food was of no interest to him.

No tourists here. No English menu. But I managed to order spiced octopus stew, and later to say it was delicious and ask for the bill. I tackled my six kinds of kimchee, sizzling fishy broth, a pot of rice and the octopus with no kind of panache and almost certainly appalling table manners. My fellow diners – and the waitress – cut me lots of slack.

Here’s a photo of my kimchee selection.

Tomorrow will be easier. Emily arrives. Hooray!


Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

17 thoughts on “Feeling rather proud…..”

  1. Good for you! Huge congratulations – I’m extremely impressed. Here’s to the coming manifestations of Emily and a revived Malcolm…. oh, and how was your food?


  2. Oh wow oh wow – all the kimchee, I’m pea green with envy or should that be spicy red. All very impressive, the food and your linguistic skills. 😄


  3. Bless you, I’m really proud of you. Not sure I’d ever have the courage to do that. I LOVE your food posts best of all, and it all looked great. Bet you are longing to see Emily. x


  4. Sorry to hear Malcolm is not feeling well–there’s nothing worse than being ill while far from home. But you’re amazing, to manage so well!


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