Happy Chuseok

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It’s Chuseok today, the 15th September – and yesterday, and tomorrow. It’s a time when Koreans enjoy their families, honour their ancestors, and used to celebrate the harvest.

Come on girls, you’ll enjoy the chance to dress up and parade the streets in gorgeous traditional dress. Go on – you know you want to. Make your man dress up too. You know he doesn’t want to.

You’ll want to give gifts too. I know just the thing. Presentation boxes of tins of spam. They’re in every shop. The Americans introduced the stuff during the Korean war in the 1950s and the Koreans love it to this day.

Happy Chuseok!


17 thoughts on “Happy Chuseok

  1. Can’t stop giggling! Spam ugh! Spam fritters – double ugh! When my younger sister started school my mother asked her what she had had for dinner and was answered with ‘fish on the outside and meat on the inside’ which made Mum feel sick. She asked my brother and me when we got home and we told her we’d had spam fritters.


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