Another day in the Dales

Burnsall –  Howgill –  Middle Skyrehome – Gill’s Laithe – Troller’s Gill – Appletreewick (often pronounced Aptrick locally) –  Kail Lane – Burnsall.

What’s not to like in a walk that passes through places with such enticing names?  It was Rosemary who led the Ripon Ramblers yesterday (we’ve firmly signed on the dotted line for membership) and she’d organised not only a splendid walk with varied Dales scenery, but a warm sunny day too.  Here are my picture postcards from the day: click on the images you’d like to see enlarged, or to have a slideshow

22 thoughts on “Another day in the Dales”

  1. ……..just beautiful ………maybe your place would be a more peaceful option (instead of Portugal) xx anna


      1. Ah yes I am back – but away again in the Lakes for the long Bank Holiday weekend! Will email when back. Poor signal here and that’s putting it mildly.


  2. I love the sheep photo – you must have been on your hands and knees. And so lucky to escape the rain this week, we’re back to walking in wells.


  3. The sheep and bluebells are just beautiful… What lovely countryside. You could probably take walks every day and never get bored with such beauty. I hope you will have good spring and summer weather!


  4. lovely images – beautiful. I need to get out and take a walk today. I am inspired. Sadly, the scenery i have is not as inspiring as yours. have a wonderful week!


    1. Hope you got that walk in. We had one too – just a walk up to the next village and back. Nothing sensational, but just stretching your legs and watching spring burgeoning into summer does it for me. You too – have a good week.


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