The Gegants of Catalonia

Visit Catalonia while there’s some kind of festival going on, and you might be lucky enough to see Gegants. They’re huge and heavy figures which, during festivals, are carried by some poor – unseen – soul probably sweating and longing for the moment when he (and it’s invariably a ‘he’) can put his burden down and disappear for a drink. They usually represent various traditional characters, though in the early days, way back in the 15th century, they had the job of telling Bible stories.

Can you spot the boy underneath the gegant? He’s about to try, and almost fail, to lift it onto his shoulders.

While we were staying with daughter-and-family in Premià de Mar over Easter, Malcolm and I, out with granddaughter Anaïs, had a piece of luck. A small band of people were hauling the local gegants out of store, and generally checking them over . They invited us to look round the store if we wanted, and we did. I find some of these creatures a little on the creepy side: all the same, I was a bit disappointed that we couldn’t be around on the day that these lumbering giants stalked the streets of the town for one day only.

Come and have a look round the store room with us …

I’ve a feeling that this time, a love story was on the cards. The sort where the Hunk and the Kind and Virtuous Maid live happily ever after.

Do you agree?

For Natalie’s Exploring Public Art Challenge – again.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

36 thoughts on “The Gegants of Catalonia”

  1. She looks hopeful, doesn’t she? A lucky find, Margaret. A few faces there that only a mother could love. Our scarecrows are a bit like that. So much effort goes into these things. Gotta love ’em!

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  2. I was thoroughly disconcerted by that first picture until I read your post, thinking where are their legs! What lucky timing to be shown around the store. Someone had fun making some of those figures. I hope they weren’t based on the locals.

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  3. They are intriguing, although I find the row of heads a little unnerving. Min the topless chap has definitely had his Weetabix and then hit the gym, hasn’t he?

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  4. A delightful and intriguing find! I love that girl figure with her happy eyes and tongue sticking out. Thank you for your PPAC contribution. Keep them coming.

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  5. Oh, definitely creepy! Especially the detached heads! I always find puppets quite creepy, even dolls, so the idea of larger than life-sized ones that move around is the basis for a horror story in my mind. I would like to see them in action though – I bet it’s very impressive.

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