Welcome Wild Garlic

It’s spring. It must be. Wild garlic has – almost overnight – started rampaging through the woodlands near our house. A light tang of garlic pervades the air. And I go foraging. This is the season for:

Wild garlic and potato soup

Wild garlic pesto

Shredded fine and tossed at the last moment into scrambled egg.

Shredded and tossed into risotto at the last moment

Have you any favourite recipes?

And have you got a secret piece of ancient woodland where ransoms – the other name for wild garlic – flourish? If so, you’re probably as lucky as me, because wild garlic is often quickly followed by bluebells.

I took my feature photo yesterday, so it qualifies for Brian’s Last on the Card. Accompanying text is rather frowned upon. Tough. This is my post, and I’ll write if I want to.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

47 thoughts on “Welcome Wild Garlic”

  1. Yum, wild garlic risotto I’ve had, but added to scramble as egg I haven’t….sounxds delicious! Love your “This is my post, and I’ll write if I want to”….. a nod to it’s my party! 😂

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  2. We have the same in the woods overlooking our street. Sadly, I don’t have the recipe but I once bought a loaf of parmesan and wild garlic bread at our local community market. The chap who made it no longer sells there but it’s a fond memory that surfaces every year.

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  3. where I live now, we have wild garlic just across our entry door. it grows everywhere and cannot be eradicated. We (and all the dogs and cats from everybody living around here!) love it and I chose the young and ‘not-yet-pissed-on’ leaves for just about anything. I love garlic anyway and I am not unhappy that it keeps growing (to the chagrin of those living and owning their piece of land … – the only house with 6 flats in ownership, whereas we poor neighbours rent ours). But Attention: When it blooms it’s way too late to be used for cooking. I’m just now thinking of a risotto with wild garlic and mushrooms. Tomorrow this woman will go shopping for the mushies! Parmigiano and Carnaroli rice is always at my disposition, if ever not, Arborio or Vialone will do fine too. Bon app!

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    1. Oh yes, wild garlic is a gift, and you’re right, it’s only for a very short time. Luckily we have patches still not flowering, so all is well. And the plants are on private land, so no doggy-toilet moments. It sounds as though you’ve been having cooking-fun too.


  4. Your recipes sound wonderful but sadly wild garlic isn’t too common in the London suburbs. But seeing your photo takes me back to my uni days when it grew near our small campus on the outskirts of Aberystwyth. Every walk at this time of year was scented with garlic!

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  5. I’ve never really thought of using wild garlic in a recipe. The smell reminds me of driving home from an old job as there used to be loads of it on the roadside.

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  6. It grows in Sunnyhurst Wood and you’re right, there are bluebells there too, though in different parts. I’m still away, so will miss seeing the bluebells. Sigh.


    1. It’s not an either/or, luckily Jo. Where Wild garlic flourishes, on the whole so do bluebells. So you’ll just have to delay walking in the woods a bit longer 😉

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  7. Wild garlic pesto sounds absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I doubt it would grow here in the desert, though regular old culinary garlic does just fine.


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