Ripon Yarn Bombs for the King

It’s only 8.05 a.m., and even on a music station like Radio 3 there’s no escape from unremitting Coronation fever. Before I go and hide, I’ll share images I took the other evening in Ripon, which has chosen to celebrate by yarn bombing the city centre.

While I was in town, the cathedral bell-ringers were practising for today. Can’t beat English bell-ringing.

Ripon Cathedral bell-ringers

Ripon’s not alone. Nearby Thirsk seems to have gone whimsical, rather than respectful. I think we’ll have to pop along and see for ourselves.

For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

57 thoughts on “Ripon Yarn Bombs for the King”

      1. My Mum was a sower, never a knitter. One day she came home with a knitting machine and in no time the whole family had a knitted garment of some sort. She even made to order. If I found a pattern or style, it wouldn’t be long before I had what ever it was

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  1. Love the post box topper! These yarn bombers are very creative. I am not a fan of the royal family but confess to enjoying the pageantry and the music. Less so the religious parts.

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  2. I’m sure a President only brings its own problems. I wouldn’t like the life of a Royal, for all their wealth, but their being there does serve a purpose.


    1. Oh that’s awful! We’ve been having displays since November 2018, and they’re always – so far – accorded great respect. After all, everything was made by someone’s aunt, mum or gran.

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      1. We are experiencing all sorts of mindless vandalism recently with yarn displays being stolen or damaged, flower beds being ripped apart, saplings being pulled out, or snapped off, cars being damaged, and shop windows being broken. Any video evidence just shows black hoodies and face masks! Unfortunately, it leads to all young people being tarred with the same brush even though the vast majority are perfectly decent individuals. It tends to be a mix of alcohol and testosterone that leads to such antisocial acts!

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  3. Now come on, Margaret! Not knitting? Not flag waving is fine, but a crochet crown is the business! I’m not convinced it sat well on Camilla, but at least he didn’t abdicate and is facing up to his responsibilities.

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    1. Oh, I can crochet. I once made an entire winter jacket for my then toddler son. Come to think, he’s 45, and I haven’t picked up a crochet needle since.


  4. Yarn bombing? We had it some years ago, but not anymore. I did not participate – only knit for my granddaughter. The knitters are both creative and skilled I’d say. And the coronation – we watched for some minutes and then scrolled to see him get the crown. Historic moments, maybe the last time it happens, so we had to see some of it.

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    1. I thought so. My last time was with the entire village crammed into a front room which boasted a 9 inch screen TV uncertainly displaying wavy black and white images.


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