Postcard from the last day…

… driving from Romorentain to Dunkirk: 482 km. See? After a fortnight of spring and summer days, the weather’s getting us ready for England again.

Still, it’s not all bad. We dropped lucky on our last night’s chambre d’hôte.

Les Berges, Bourbourg, Dunkirk, if you’re interested.

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31 thoughts on “Postcard from the last day…”

  1. Oooh that looks a lovely place. And you may find you’re coming home to sunshine. The weather is brightening up here this coming week. Hopefully.

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      1. We arrive 10th, wedding 19th, so there should be a tiny window of opportunity? We will be at the youngsters beck and call but I’m sure I can shimmy away for a couple of hours. Years since I’ve been to Ripon 🤗💗

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  2. Ah that looks like a rather civilised place to stay a night. Did you plan your accommodation ahead or take it day by day dependant on how your journey was going? My father used to drive us down to Alicante, a couple of times through France, but usually from a port in Northern Spain. He would drive and drive until exhausted (rather dangerous), my mother would be ill, my sister and I would get cabin fever and we’d end up in whatever place had une chambre de libre!

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    1. That all sounds exhausting! We have tended to book one night ahead. We too have memories of not being able to find last-minute accommodation (but thank goodness for the internet!). Some years ago, there was a hotel in Italy that I went into late at night to try to get a room. The looks I got from the assembled highly decorative women gave me to understand that they were there with a job to do, and I wasn’t part of the plan. I scuttled out. We eventually spent the night in the car.

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      1. Oh goodness. I have only spent one night in a car and never, ever again. Yes, the Internet has certainly made things easier. I remember when I was 21 arriving in the evening in Rome feeling ill and trying to find the back-packer hostel, we gave up and checked into a ‘treat’ hotel and used the emergency credit card!

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