A Landscape at Harewood House

After visiting Harewood House, a visit to the grounds seems a good idea. Maybe the formal garden just beyond the house. Maybe the Bird Garden. Or maybe just a stroll in the managed landscape of Capability Brown, overlooking Wharfedale beyond. Come.

Let’s approach those trees. I wonder what we could see beyond?

Keep walking ….

… closer …

Ah! There’s a view …

… or there was.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

38 thoughts on “A Landscape at Harewood House”

      1. As it’s my birthday today, I had plenty of similarly sounding greetings from your country. Spoke with a friend for well over half an hour and he said he can understand our reluctance to visit right now. But it also fills us with sadness; we seem to get more estranged by the day and as we all get older, chances to visit each other get slimmer too.

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  1. Lovely autumn colours! If you’d stuck to just three shots this would have worked as another contribution to Patti’s challenge 😆 I really like the first one, setting the trees in the wider landscape.

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    1. So they should. Country house landscape was defined in the 18th century by the ‘natural’ landscapes designed by Capability Brown and those like him. And Gainsborough and English painters generally painted them as te backdrop to their pictures.

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  2. You got past 3! I shall be expecting a host of autumn colours from you, Margaret. I can only offer greens and yellows, and some trampled beige.


      1. We don’t have the right kind of trees for spectacular colours and there’s not enough temperature change? It’s still 26C this week, but falling a little next. I’m not complaining…

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  3. I guess we are so used to ‘designed’ landscapes both formal and agricultural it isn’t until we reach the moors, marshes and mountains that we feel we are away from human managed areas. However, even that’s not really the case in much of the UK. At least, as your beautiful photos show, Capability Brown continued in the steps of William Kent, and moved gardens away from the manicured formal and symmetrical.

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    1. The English country house garden does tend to be a triumph, doesn’t it? Let’s just brush away inconvenient facts like whole villages being moved wholesale when they spoilt the view and so on 😉

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