Mystery stories

A single image to tell a whole story. That’s what Ann Christine, in her Lens-Artists Challenge asks us to post this week. Many bloggers have already played along, and many have also told the story that goes with the picture. I’m made of meaner stuff. I’ll give you four photos. You provide four stories. Is that a deal? Your tales may not get much further than your head, but if you want to share them, I’d love to read them.

The featured image seems to be the aftermath of – well – perhaps you know?

And why is there a clock on a hedge in a country lane? Perhaps Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit knows?

We saw this scene in Málaga, but never found out more about this apparently appalling crime.

My last photo was also my last of the month, so qualifies for Brian aka Bushboy’s Last on the Card challenge. I don’t know whether there’s a story here, but judging by the racket coming down from the tree, there were plenty of stories being told.

One picture – four pictures – many stories.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

49 thoughts on “Mystery stories”

  1. What a fantastic, mystical, funny collection of mysteries, Margaret – as you say, one picture could tell a whole story… and that story could differ depending on the imagination of the viewer – I love your selection!!

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      1. Well, ‘The Sparkling haze’ looks as though it is probably a bit long for me…
        ‘Winter Twitter’ I’m sure will be a very short and entertaining read.
        “The lost legs’ may be a sequel to The Sparkling haze.
        And I am intrigued by ‘The Timely Winter Holly’ – it sounds a bit like a fable to me! 🙂

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  2. Good one. Let me see:
    1) The butler did not do it.
    2) The alarm clock which was stolen from the sleeping beauty
    3) Not a good attempt at hiding the body. The footman did it.
    4) Its the middle one in the third row which is the owl in disguise

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  3. Reviews: This month’s squawk about was a lively and noisy affair as ‘Bills & Beaks’, Ripon’s very own art and culture flock, critiqued their recent tour of a collaborative Anglo-Spanish art installation. Supportive visual illustrations were provided by Hawk Eye Photographics.

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  4. After a night like that, it was probably inevitable we’d end up in a ditch. Funnily enough, it wasn’t the hypothermia that did for me, it was that goddam alarm clock going off in my ear at 6.30 am, and me with the mother of all headaches and all. Eventually I just threw it out the car window and buried my head in the seat leathers, though they did seem to be at a funny angle. Fortunately my partner sobered up quicker than me, got us out of the ditch and still got me to the airport in time to catch my flight to Malaga. But you know what, when it came to the time of my Powerpoint presentation I just didn’t feel up to it and crashed in the nearest pad I could find. Yes, I suppose they’re still wittering on about it….

    (I know you were probably after 4 stories but may have to make do with just one!)

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    1. I can honestly say that I’ve never had a hangover of that kind after a party, have never driven or been driven into a ditch, never given a Powerpoint presentation and never read any Dashiell Hammett or whoever I’m fantasising my style echoes! I did once fly to Malaga, but that was before we had to face up to the relationship between my flight and climate change….

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  5. LOVE this, Margaret! I was thinking of doing something like it…but with one photo…but no, for hosting a challenge that would not work for everyone… BUT, you did it! Thank you, you brilliant lady! Here’s my go at it:
    Everybody got so drunk that they fell over and overslept under the table. The heavy hungover would not leave in the morning, so they all missed the 8 o’clock bus. Juggling home in the evening, one of them fell into a container when looking for food, and now the whole block is talking about it…

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    1. Ann Christine, you were excused duties as the challenge-provider, but you’ve really turned up trumps here – thanks so much. Such a fun challenge!


  6. I never touch a drop! Who’s responsible for all these glasses? I hate murder mysteries. Talk about a cryptic clue. And they obviously didn’t have time to wash up let alone hide the body. It’s got the neighbours all a-twitter!

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  7. Well Margaret, if we gave prizes you’d surely win this week’s!! Loved all of the clever, creative stories you inspired. As you know I always title my images. These would be mine: “A fine time was had by all”. “Time doesn’t really fly after all.” “So THAT’s what happened to Baby Jane!”. “We really gotta find a bigger tree”. Looks to me like you should start a new weekly challenge – as they say……Every picture tells a story, don’t it?! Great job

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    1. Oh, thanks for joining in, and so creatively. This was fun, wasn’t it, and lovely that everyone, even those who hadn’t submitted photos, could have a go. Long live the Lens-Artists Photo Challenges!


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