Wisteria Windows

This is the time of year when the outside of our house, and the one to which we’re attached deck themselves in scented clouds of wisteria.

There’s lilac below the kitchen window: that’ll bloom very soon: already the tightly furled buds are loosening and hinting at the soft mauves and purples that will emerge. That’ll be for next week then.

Life in Colour #18

Monday Window

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48 thoughts on “Wisteria Windows”

      1. Hah! I know that one. Same happened to me in Doncaster. It took 10 years to flower and I moved 2 years later. I suspect it was probably cut down. They do take some maintenance.

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  1. Is this now? Seems quite early for ‘oop north! And what a magnificent one it is too. I’d say that although I had considered wisteria (and Jacaranda) as purple I think they are both really violet as they tend to be closer to blue than red. But I love wisteria and I imagine you do too, particularly as you don’t have to prune this one! Now lilac can be a tricky one as some are very definitely purple and others very violet. I wish now I had not tried to be so clever 😯

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    1. Poor Jude! It’s us, your followers,, who are perhaps not clever (some of us anyway). Yes, the wisteria is out, though not fully yet – these are indeed from last year.

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    2. I hate to be that dog in the manger person again but I always thought of jacaranda as blue 🙂 🙂 So it must be violet, as is wisteria, but who cares as it is incredibly beautiful. That is my final word on the subject of colour. Until next time, of course.

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  2. This is LOVELY and glorious to view and it would be my death….. Our house in France had plenty of fragrant nature, including a massive wisteria over a lovely old wrought-metal marquise of a patio. Running to and from the parking would now be a tear-loaded and sneezing/coughing parcours as we also had 3 lilacs, unkillable honeysuckles, the lot! Friends of us have a gîte to rent in Charente-Maritime which for us is out of question for the months of March to July because of their climbing and all-covering wisteria. I called that whole season WISTERIA HYSTERIA….

    Poetry: A thought in an image - Please view large

    but I have a truly fantastic one I never uploaded publicly. I’ll see if I can send you that one because it gives you an idea of my ‘suffering’ year after year….

    I think I’d fall IMMEDIATELY in love with your beautiful house (if it wasn’t for the ever growing w….) – it looks stunning!

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    1. We are lucky, though you can see more of the house next door than ours. Poor you! We’re lucky too, in that Malcolm is a hayfever sufferer, but wisteria doesn’t affect him. Any of your wisteria pictures that you want to send will be happily viewed by me.

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  3. That is a gorgeous wisteria, truly magnificent especially against the grey stonework of the house, a perfect combination. Just looked over nextdoor’s (view from my office window) and their wisteria isn’t out, only hints of mauve amongst the branches.

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  4. How lucky are you? 🙂 🙂 It doesn’t last long here, like a lot of things. There’s a gate I pass with an arch which was covered in wisteria last week. Passed it yesterday All gone! 😦


  5. We had a wonderful wisteria growing over an arch by the front door of a former home. I loved it despite it setting off my hayfever. Your wisteria is absolutely enormous! What a beauty!

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  6. That is beautiful and suits the building, though I imagine it requires quite a lot of attention to keep it in place and within limits. Wisteria has a kind of nostalgia value too to add it the exquisite colour and scent of the beautiful flowers.

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  7. I am so envious. I have always wanted a wisteria after living in a house with one as a child. I do now have two wisterias but one has stopped flowering and the other has never flowered 😦

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