More uplifting cheer. More spring flowers

These daffodils appear days after Christmas.

Just beside the village pond.

This year and every single year.

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58 thoughts on “More uplifting cheer. More spring flowers”

    1. I agree. Do you have them much in Portugal? The French love their perce-neiges (lovely name!) but the massed urban displays we enjoy aren’t a thing there and I used to miss them – though we had wild ones in the mountains instead.


      1. We tend to have narcissus here and there but more commonly a wild white iris that I love. Really cold but bright this morning. Michael was seriously unwell last night so we may be taking slow steps later for a little while. 😦

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      1. Erm … dunno. Sorry. But I’ve just Googled and found this … ‘Add a layer of gravel – place a layer of sharp edge gravel or grit below and above your bulbs when you plant them.’

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  1. There are early varieties and in Cornwall there will be fields of daffodils, and I recall very early ones in Surrey on the way to my daughter, but you are very north. Such a pleasure to see the first daffs 😊

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  2. Gosh – they are early for the north, but all the more welcome for that. I took some pictures yesterday but they might as well have been in black and white (except they turned out blue and black!)

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