‘A garden of purple is always …

… in bloom’, according to an unattributed quotation I found on the net. Unless the weather ups its game, not this year it won’t be. Let’s cheer ourselves up with some purple patches from last year.

For Jude’s quest for purple: Life in Colour, and Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

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45 thoughts on “‘A garden of purple is always …”

  1. Sorry about the weather 😦 😦 Love the thistles! I have some I plan to share but not as good a shot, and I love alliums.


    1. Thistles Jo! Those are globe artichokes no longer fit for eating, but good to look at. Yes, aliums are great. They shouold be out now, but …


  2. A glory of purple, Margaret! 😀😀 The alliums are stunning and I can almost smell the heavenly fragrance from the buddleia! May they bloom with such beauty again this year. Here everything feels at least a month delayed …

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  3. My alliums were doing so well… Have seemingly put themselves on hold now which is no bad thing. Too wet to get outside and enjoy them!

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    1. Oh, yes, the foliage is so annoying. I pull the tatty leaves off mine once the buds appear, apparently does them no harm as unlike other bulbs the foliage is not needed to feed next years flower. I read that somewhere and it seems to be true!

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    1. Mmm… yes. We were planning on having a trip to a different bluebell location this weekend. Let’s hope tomorrow is less wet / windy!


  4. So very splendid, and love how we both did a purple Saturday.

    Really hope that June turns out to be a scorcher as May seems to be going the same way as April 😦

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  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Just what we need with this year being soooo late. I have a few aliums and they’re hardly forming buds yet and it’s the 10th May for goodness sake.

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