The forgotten pleasure of an evening stroll.

I haven’t been on an evening walk all year. It’s time to put that right. Will you come too? We’ll go along the woodland path behind our house.

Beatswell Wood

Look! On either side as we walk , there are bright kingcups, primroses, wood anemones.

And here we are in the village, by the pond. Are there any ducklings yet? Apparently not – no ducks either just now.

North Stainley village pond.

We’ll turn towards home. Only a short walk. But we can watch as the sun goes down, and have a few quiet words with the horse in the field. Not a bad way to begin the end of the day.

Jo’s Monday Walk

Bright Square

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

66 thoughts on “The forgotten pleasure of an evening stroll.”

    1. It is a lovely spot. I’m guessing you have had to put your blog from Quillan on hold? It must be so difficult for you, as your second home there was still a bit of a new experience, wasn’t it? Let’s hope it won’t be too long …


  1. So very lovely! Thank you for bringing Yorkshire back to me. We presently live in a dense metropolitan area. While I love the cafe culture on my doorstep, I deeply miss the serenity of nature and having hedged lanes and sheep fields just a few steps from my door.
    Keep the posts coming!


    1. Oh thanks! It’s true that while I often need a ‘city fix’, on balance I’m glad that this year of the pandemic has been in the country, City life must have seemed a bit anaemic these last months .

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      1. It was a bit claustrophobic and lacking in color, to be sure. I’m happy for the arrival of spring, more colorful parks, and gradual re-opening. (Also quite thankful to have received my vaccine!)

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      1. Not all good news I’m afraid. My blood pressure is so low now that I am in danger of falling over every time I stand up. Been through the same twice before – always with the same medication!

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      2. Oh Peter, I’m so sorry. I don’t know whether we could arrange some kind of transfusion, one to the other, as my blood pressure is invariably high! What is it with this getting older malarkey? There’s always something.

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      3. Well, so long as you’re giving the medical profession a challenge … Seriously, it took a while to sort me out, but once they’d done so, I have had no further problems. Good luck.

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  2. Well this was a pleasant surprise. We’re not yet back into our evening walks up the hill, but did manage an afternoon one today taking advantage of the several dry days not to encounter any mud. Also looking for wood anemones which we happily found 😊

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      1. They are lovely. We went looking last year and found none in the spot we know about, but a few on the opposite side of the hill. It was very wet last year though so maybe that makes a difference. None of them are in an actual wood though!


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