Cavalcada de Reis

It’s 5th January. Tonight, one of the three kings (Balthazar? Melchior? Caspar? You can choose) will steal into your house and deliver you presents, as once they did to the infant Jesus. That’s if you live in the Spanish speaking world of course. Before that though, they – or their stand-ins – parade through the streets of every city and town they can find. There’s an eruption of lights, gaiety, colour, as the three kings and a cast of musicians, dancers, and hangers on of every kind process slowly through the streets. Joy and delight is uppermost, whether you attend the no-expense spared slickly presented civic offering, as we did in Barcelona in 2018 and 2019, or enjoy a more low-key event put together by your local community as we did in 2020.

These are not the best photos you’ll ever see of the Cavalcadas, But they might give you a small taste of this upbeat, family focused event. Which sadly, this year, will not be taking place. Of course.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

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      1. Oh, absolutely, which is why I got myself able to lift the camera and take the shot without stressing a about settings etc….it needs to become second nature, and most of the time it works

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      1. Even with the vaccine, we don’t know how long it is effective for or what happens if this virus mutates like the cold virus does. We have to hope that there will be a return to some kind of normal.

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  1. I remember your post last year and at the time rather thought the neighbourhood one looked somehow more authentic than the big event affairs. As you said small is beautiful.


  2. It looks wonderful – awful how such joyous and shared events are on hold like so much else. We all hang on to the hope that things will change and more will become possible as the year unfolds.


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