An Upmarket Grocer

Barcelona, Spain

This time last year, we were in Barcelona to spend Reyes – the Festival of the Three Kings, and traditionally a bigger deal than Christmas (Presents! From the kings!) – with Emily’s Catalan family. Here we are outside what’s considered the best grocer’s shop in town, all gussied up for festive shopping.

If you think I’ve muddled up my photos: well, the shop window did that, by reflecting the street scene as well as allowing us to see the goods on offer.

Square Up.

Monday Window

54 thoughts on “An Upmarket Grocer

  1. Isn’t it interesting looking back a year, we had no idea what was coming did we? Did you buy anything indulgent at the grocers?

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  2. I miss Barcelona at this time of year too – in any year that school holidays overlapped with 5 January we’d be out there for the parades.
    Sadly I haven’t discovered this shop (must put that right) though I know the street well – it’s my driving route out of town to “home”

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  3. You have stated the year on a fun note. Delightful windows with showing both inside and out. Hope that the rest of the year will be as enjoyable! Thank you!

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  4. You’re not missing much, Margaret. No Kings parades this year, though if you’re in the know I expect there’ll be a little something going on somewhere. Most places, but not all, still have their Nativity scenes. Reminds me, we need to go and see our local bombeiros one. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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