Fields of wheat and barley stretch endlessly beneath the bluest of skies.

Sutton Bank, Yorkshire.

And in late summer, harvest.

Sutton Bank, Yorkshire.

It’s the season for seascapes.

Filey, Yorkshire.

For exploring the beach.

Whitstable, Kent.

And for wonder, as one small person changes her ideas, moment by moment, about a day on the sands.

Zoë on the beach in Catalonia last year.

It’s the season for outdoor theatre.  Here’s the end of an evening in the Dales.  The unmissable Handlebards – all four of them – have just finished performing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with Wensleydale as their backdrop. This summer – no show.

Castle Bolton, Wensleydale, Yorkshire.

There’s entertainment in town too.  Impromptu sessions on the Regent’s Canal in London.

Word on the Water, Regent’s Canal, London.

Followed by a walk through an urban garden at Coal Drops Yard…

Gasholders, Coal Drops Yard, London.

…and, back at home, fields of poppies.

Poppies in West Tanfield, Yorkshire.


Summer, in its simplicity.


Lens Artists Challenge #104 Summer

Square Perspectives

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

35 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. A fistful of wonderful memories. 🙂 🙂 So funny, kids response to the beach. I remember small toes curled in horror and total abandonment to the sand.

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  2. My eyes ‘sing’; those photos, those memories. And my heart sighs, the ‘no show’ of nearly everything dear to us this year (and who knows, for years to come?!)….. beautiful collection – and the playing Zoë being the star pic!

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    1. She certainly is for us, and I haven’t seen her – them – since just before Lockdown – nearly 5 months 😦 . Yes, No Show, whatever form it takes, is hard, especially with no end in sight.

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      1. We are indeed!
        (Btw, sincere apologies if the spiders in the window comment the other day caused offence 🕷 It was of course very much intended as tongue-in-cheek but possibly didn’t come across that way 🙂 x )

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  3. Word on the Water is a great idea. I think you should send these images to the BBC and suggest they use them to replace the flower montage they keep showing. The hellebores and bluebells are so out of date now.

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    1. I guess they want us to remember the spring instead of this slightly dismal couple of weeks. Yes, Word on the Water is an excellent place to be.


  4. Very lovely to see these evocations of summer in different places and contexts, and especially the pre-Covid contexts, and also because a huge cold front approaches us here, starting in the Western Cape with gale-force winds and widespread snow, and then moving eastwards towards where we are …

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      1. Not good, but after last year’s very mild winter, I suppose we should be glad to be getting a colder winter this year, and the snow in the mountains will help the water table.

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