Bother in Barcelona

Do you remember our last trip to Barcelona? How my bag, my purse and contents, my camera, our passports …. and all that. …. got stolen?

Well, ahead of this trip, I replaced my bag with one with a doughty zip and secret pockets. And off we went.

Our flight accomplished, we met Emily at her office after a couple of bus journeys. I opened my bag. Hang on. Where’s my purse? Someone – and we both think we know who: that amiable woman of middle years who stood near us on the Number 7 – unzipped my bag, removed my purse, and zipped the bag up again. Without either of us noticing a thing.

So guess who spent her first morning back here down at the Police Station practising her Spanish?

Catalan hospitality at its best

Today’s Ragtag prompt is . ….hospitality..

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30 thoughts on “Bother in Barcelona”

  1. Oh no!!! Was the bag on your back?
    The last time I was in Barcelona, a few years ago, my purse got stolen out of my backpack, which also had many pockets etc etc
    Rotten luck !!!

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    1. It was a shoulder bag crossed across my body. I honestly thought I was safe. But Barcelona is the worst I think.We all seem to have our stories, eh?


      1. But it is difficult to guard against slick operators. I have been meaning to say, not that it makes any difference to the outcome, but possibly the amiable lady bumped Malcolm to distract both of you while her accomplice robbed your bag. That was the modus operandi of a pair who unsuccessfully tried to pickpocket us in Athens a few years back. Fortunately the accomplice was not very accomplished and fluffed his pickpocketing part and dropped our wallet when we realised what was happening. I immediately put my foot firmly on the wallet while we had a standoff with the person who did the bumping. This was in a busy market and interestingly everybody around us, including the stall holders, looked away and pretended nothing was going on. We were very wary of being bumped or distracted after that, but its not possible or fun to function at a high level of vigilance all the time. Best wishes for the rest of your stay in Spain.

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    1. Me too, but I have friends who have been robbed in Italy, France, even Germany and England. I wish they’d just ask us to hand over the money so we wouldn’t have all the inconvenience of posts cards, licenses and passes!

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  2. Such bad luck. Not for nothing is it known as the pickpocket capital if the world. I was lucky enough to be able to keep everything in the hotel; bar a few euros in my pocket and a credit card in my sock, when I visited. Except for a few scum it is indeed a beautiful city.

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  3. I hardly dared read this post. I’m so sorry, Margaret; it’s not as if you would be appearing as a naive tourist, having visited so regularly. I know you’re very accepting of it and can still see the good in the city and its people, but all the same… I’m now wondering what sort of bag would defeat these people 😣

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  4. Unbelievable! What a bad run of luck you’ve had. I had no idea Barcelona was like that but we were warned in Dublin about similar issues. Maybe every large city?

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