Perspectives on a Field of Barley

It’s time for July Squares, for a month of Square posts on our perspective on … perspective, and hosted by the indefatigable Becky.


Four different perspectives on this barley growing in a field near me.  But there are others too:  those of  –

  • The farmer, for whom this barley represents a season’s work, and a chunk of his annual income.
  • His seed merchant, ditto.
  • The field mouse and other creatures, to whom this is home.
  • The ecologist, who may wonder why this field contains not a single poppy, not a single weed.
  • The rambler, who quite simply enjoys the view.

Click on  ‘Square Perspectives’, and you’ll find perspectives a-plenty this month.  Browse and enjoy!

Square Perspectives

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

48 thoughts on “Perspectives on a Field of Barley”

  1. I can’t ever see the words field and barley without breaking into a certain song, Margaret. 🙂 🙂 I love your super intelligent approach to the challenge, and your perspective, of course!

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    1. That wouldn’t be the one about oats and beans and barley would it? I had to start from a reasonably high point, as I’ll certainly be on a downward trajectory before the month is out.


      1. Not you! I can’t believe that. (flattery is my middle name 🙂 ) Actually I was thinking of Sting, but you’ve got me on a completely different trajectory now. Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy… Mad as a barn owl! Have a nice day 🙂

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  2. Excellent! Your post will help us all keep the squares rolling this month (if a square can ever roll). And that opening lone tree image is a beauty. Here’s to a fun July, Margaret.

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  3. I’ve two compliments right now to get rid of:
    These pics and especially the different ‘appreciations’ underneath caught my breath. All so true and some I often utter too. Your take on the theme.
    And as an apology: I never use the word perspective in such a great way but often ‘get out of something’ by saying It’s all a matter of perspective…..
    And I WILL do my trip backwards through your blog posts. I feel bad not following you more closely but I am glad to know that I can do that when I have the leisure time to do so and most importantly, that I can come when I feel like giving my REAL time and thoughts (and not just an acknowledgment by upvoting)…..

    Yesterday, as a dependant on YouTube for BBC snippets, and as an addict to Escape to the Country, I watched a lovely sequence on people looking for an Escape to North Yorkshire. I’m constantly amazed at how much still unoccupied space and utter beauty your country offers. As I am amazed to see how people who took their retirement are bound to only look at accommodation where all the bedrooms and bathrooms are on the first floor, accessible via a staircase!!!! What are they going to do once they have problems with their knees, hips, trotters….?!
    Je te parslerai plus tard – maintenant c’est un gâteau aux abricots je dois préparer! 🙂

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    1. You’re under no obligation at all to follow my every word – and photo – but thank you. I’ve never actually watched Escape to the Country. Should I? I don’t watch much TV at all in fact. We have lots of stairs in our home too – but I don’t fancy a bungalow. Stairs are good for you, according to doctors!

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  4. July already – and it’s pouring down here! As if I need an excuse to sit indoors …

    Plenty to think about here as well as the visuals to enjoy. What else will you come up with as the month progresses!

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  5. I like your perspectives, particularly, the wispy beauty of the barley field (the last square). Strange isn’t it, strictly speaking these days we should frown on such a monoculture, but the image of a sea of barley is still enchanting. You do live in a fine part of the country.

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  6. A great start to the month. Thought the perspectives on barley are interesting I am drawn to the tree. In a sign of the times, it seems to be washing its hands.

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  7. I love the photographic perspectives and how the close-ups enhance each other and the longer shots, and how the perspectives from imagined viewers enhance the photos …

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