Along the Underpass

I like this dramatic pedestrian underpass Somewhere in London.  But where?  I’ve clean forgotten.  Canary Wharf area I think, on the DLR?  London friends, can you help ?*

Country Mouse would quite like to be in London again, just for a few days, for a different perspective on life.

  •  And lo!  Help has arrived from fellow -blogger John Hodgson.  It’s King’s Cross Station.  As I should have known, as I arrive here every time I come to the Big City.  Thank you John!

Square Perspectives

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44 thoughts on “Along the Underpass”

  1. Debbie will enlighten us I am sure.

    Like you I want different perspectives. Although I don’t need to go far . . drove through Winchester yesterday and it felt like I was exploring a foreign land!

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    1. Oh, how strange – comments are enabled. But thank you. And really, how dim I am. King’s Cross is the station I use every time I come to London. Durr.


  2. I think it’s great when ordinary spaces are given thought, so much more uplifting than grey concrete

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  3. My first thought? Those people are socially-distancing…. What does this say about how I view life these days? 😞 But a great photo, love the illumination!

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    1. That was my thought too! And if I see people on a TV film casually flinging an arm round a friend, I give an involuntary start, and a virtual yellow card. And that’s the result of only three month’s conditioning.

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      1. I know. I do worry about the impact on children. The children of some of my daughter’s friends are terrified to touch things ‘because it might kill you’. When we consider how rapidly our own conditioning has been achieved, how will these children cope? I comfort myself with the knowledge that children are more adaptable.

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      2. My grandchildren, all at different stages, do seem to be coping well. But it seems so hard that children should at best, just ‘cope’.


  4. well I’m glad the location mystery is solved, because I couldn’t help – and I (used to) visit Kings Cross often! Not that bit though – doesn’t lead to ‘my’ line. Ah to feel safe enough to use the tube again….then I’ll check it out.

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  5. Dear Margaret,

    Could it be Kings Cross Station in London?



    Von: From Pyrenees to Pennines Gesendet: Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2020 08:36 An: Betreff: [New post] Along the Underpass

    margaret21 posted: “I like this dramatic pedestrian underpass Somewhere in London. But where? I’ve clean forgotten. Canary Wharf area I think, on the DLR? London friends, can you help ? Country Mouse would quite like to be in London again, just for a few days, for”

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    1. You’re a star Gina! As you see, others have suggested this too, but you are definitely the first outside London to do so – and outside the UK too! Go to the top of the class.


  6. Not everything works in the ‘square’ does it, but this certainly does. And, the people, they make it! They give it sense as well as perspective. It’s a fab photo.

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  7. Such a different underpass from the ones I remember when I first visited London as a wee sprog…. frightening places that always had ‘strange’ people hanging around and ALWAYS smelling of stale urine! This I really like and feel as if I’m in some futuristic passage to my spaceship!

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