The View from the Train Window

These days, weeks and weeks into Life-with-Covid 19, I crave a nice quiet dinner with people I know, tea parties with friends, or a chinwag in town over a good cup of coffee and a fresh-from-the-oven buttered scone.  And I can’t have any of them.

Instead, I’ll settle for memories of a tea party from a few years ago, when we met with good friends to celebrate a couple of birthdays.  No tea shop for us, but instead a jaunt on the Wensleydale Railway, a Heritage Railway which runs in normal times through the heart of the Yorkshire Dales .

As we rattled along, enjoying countryside views, smart serving staff plied up with elegant little sandwiches, properly fattening cakes, and the all-important scones served with jam and cream.  And tea, of course.  And prosecco.

It’s not often that afternoon tea with all the trimmings includes an ever-changing bucolic view through the window.

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Monday Window.

41 thoughts on “The View from the Train Window”

  1. Oh what fun! I do love heritage lines… And I, like you “crave a nice quiet dinner with people I know, tea parties with friends, or a chinwag in town over a good cup of coffee”

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  2. Pleasant countryside, appetizing treats, and friends all around the world. For us bloggers the pandemic is not so bad. We can still get together with our friends. Thank you for your wonderful photos and friendship!

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  3. Lovely to see the countryside views changing as framed by the ever moving windows. Who would have thought we would be in a situation where we feel a nostalgia and longing for such simple pleasures as getting together with friends for a meal or a coffee – and that it is now like something from a bygone era?

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      1. We travelled on the Duchess of Sutherland Derby to Scarborough for the day. Full English breakfast on the journey out, full dinner on the journey back and lots of bracing sea air in between. Marvellous!

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  4. I’m sorry you’re missing out on some of the good things. I don’t know the railway, although it all looks splendid, but I do love the cheese. Bit better than Virgin Atlantic’s idea of British afternoon tea last time I flew (a sarnie, a stale packet of crisps, a chocolate thing and a mint). My memory may do it a disservice, but not much of one. I dare say I will be much more grateful on my next flight, whenever that may be.

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    1. That doesn’t sound much fun. Pre-pandemic, we’d already resolved not to fly, but I know that’s not possible for you. Best take your own scones, cream and all the trimmings next time – which I hope will be soon.


  5. Yes, there is so much just slightly not in the mainstream that we are missing out on isn’t there? Birthday treats as you get older are often social events, meals and trains, family and friends. A Zoom party with clown doesn’t really cut it does it? My daughter had booked a surprise for my 60th. It was a ‘solstice sunset’ trip down the River Orwell aboard a Thames barge – Covid cancelled. ☹️


    1. Oh, what a shame. Belated birthday greetings and I’ve always imagined you much younger than that too! WE should have been in Dordrecht next week for belated Malcolm’s 80th celebrations. One day, eh?

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      1. Oh that’s annoying, but wishing Malcolm a great day for his 80th anyway and thank you for your birthday greetings. I’m always trying to imagine myself much younger too, but my body tells me different!

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