56 thoughts on “It’s Worth Going Walking Quite Early …”

  1. How glorious! One-drive reminded me that yesterday last year (if you follow) we were enjoying the poppies down here. Rather later in the day though and without that marvellous misty atmosphere. I have been toying with getting up early and popping into Looe – have avoided it entirely thus far. You’re nudging me closer to that dawn trip…

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  2. I agree Margaret, early morning walks are bliss. Especially if a beautiful sunrise occurs. Enjoyed your capture of the poppies and I do miss those English countryside walks.

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    1. Even I can’t manage sunrise at the moment as it’s at about 4.00 a.m.! But still, an early walk, even without an accompanying sunrise, starts the day well.


  3. Oh my! I am in awe at the beauty around you! Wow. I can see why it’s most certainly worth getting up for an early walk. Such a peaceful scene you’re blessed with. Thank you for sharing it with us. ♥

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    1. Even though I didn’t mention it, you’re right. It was one of the pleasures. That damp, slightly sharp freshness awakened my senses and put a spring in my step.


  4. Perhaps the best time of the day 🙂 I LOVE the early morning and am out whatever the weather, all year around, ‘cos a certain four-legged lady needs her walks. Haahaa. I am lucky enough to have the company of the birds, singing as if to burst, the odd hare or two and a fox here and there. Almost always the deer are grazing and buzzards and falcons are on the hunt. Every day is different and I have come to appreciate the seasons as they change. Beautiful photos Margaret.

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  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Totally worth getting out to capture the early morning mists. The field of poppies, wonderful and most definitely a photograph that would have been spoilt by the presence of even a single, random human straying into your frame!

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