Top Conquering Conker?

Could the Top Conker in next autumn’s playground conker fights be growing, deep within these tightly furled buds?  Maybe.  We shall never know.

#16 Squaretops

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31 thoughts on “Top Conquering Conker?”

  1. Don’t they look fabulous . . . one of MrBs spring treats when he worked was to go to a long avenue near the office where there were chestnuts galore. The colour is fabulous when they are all out 🙂 Not sure I have ever looked at the buds so closely.

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      1. Well, I just listened to Raab and it’s all about staying on message and not confusing the public – so who knows – no doubt we’ll be the last to be told.

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  2. I am enjoying looking at the new buds unfurling as an alternative to the wildflowers. And I hate to tell you this, but conker fights in playgrounds are no longer approved of 😦

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