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I picked up a copy of  our little-read community newspaper today ….

‘Because of the almost world-wide lockdown caused by Covid-19, Concours Top Squares, due to open in Topcliffe Village Hall between 1st and 30th April, will now be held in camera.

This now internationally acclaimed exhibition has for the last three years brought together arts practitioners from a range of backgrounds working in less conventional materials.  The only requirement is that entries must be entitled ‘Top Square’.

Locally, hopes for a top prize are pinned on a promising new Arts Collective working from Middle Park Farm, near North Stainley, and who call themselves ‘Windewe’. The prevailing wind and local sheep have worked in constructive partnership, winding and weaving wool round the wire fencing surrounding the sheep’s pastureland.  They’ve made dozens of such works, mainly confining themselves to using the sheep’s own wool, though some examples incorporate dried grasses, leaves and small twigs. Apart from those chosen for the exhibition, all other works by Windewe can be viewed from the Ripon Rowel path, and are on permanent display.’

Top Square 8

Sleningford Gazette, 8th April 2020.

For technical reasons beyond the Editor’s control, this article was omitted from the edition of 1st April.


# Square Tops 8

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  1. 😁 Very good, very good – I too didn’t get it until the end, but then I frequently have to actively disengage my natural knee-jerk reaction to much that comes forth from the ‘World of Art Installations’.

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  2. Well I’ll never. Got me too! I even thought that this was a typically English humour creation and applauded the creators silently!!!

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  3. Interesting art. I now understand why I’ve been having probs; WordPress won’t talk to my phone. A propos of your two previous, the wild garlic and potato curry is delicious and has gone round my councillor WhatsApp group. I added a clove of crushed garlic to the yogurt when I served it. You are so right about local walking and I have been inspired to cancel my gym subscription (20 years and used about 3 times a week) but now I’m having second thoughts – it’s a question of motivation as for some reason it’s easier to get up at the crack of dawn and drive to the gym for a fast and furious work out than get up at the same time and walk the footpaths in the pitch dark.

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    1. Pitch dark walks are nobody’s friend. Summer walking, winter gym? I’m pleased that curry, with your special touch has gone a little bit viral. My phone and WP will usually talk. Do you have to press a gizmo somewhere?


    2. I don’t know, never had to before and they talk to each other in most other circumstances. Hope all is well with you both

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