Saying ‘Thank EU For Being Here’

North Yorkshire for Europe made the best of a very bad job yesterday: a party for locally-resident EU citizens, to say ‘thank you’ for making their home here.

It was a great night, with fun, friendship … and tears.  More tomorrow ….

An entry for Six Word Saturday.

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21 thoughts on “Saying ‘Thank EU For Being Here’”

  1. We had our own little gathering here – with past and present language assistants from the Grammar School – two from France, and one each from Spain, Italy and Austria with one from Argentina!

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  2. We really appreciate the efforts that North Yorkshire for Europe, and other groups, made. I woke this morning to grey drizzle outside and a few tears. I took heart from the letter written by the President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine Alain Rousset, if only more U.K M.P’s had felt like this…

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    1. What a lovely letter. Yes, groups like ours worked hard, but we lost the war. Instead we gained lasting friendships both in the UK and beyond. And one day … Britain will be back, though maybe not in my lifetime.


      1. Sadly nor mine. But as you say lasting friendships and we’re so grateful for the support that we have from our village.

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  3. Such a sad occasion – can still hardly believe it’s happened. I think it’s wonderful that you put this gathering on to thank people from the EU who have chosen to make the UK their home. Hopefully local groups such as yours can continue reaching out in friendship -it’s certainly not going to come from the rhetoric from the “powers that be” if one can call them that.

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  4. Yes, it wonderful that the personal connections can be celebrated and supported during these sobering days. It is all very hard to believe. I think my most overused word of late has become “unbelievable” – it applies to rather too much of what is going on. (I suppose it is only a short step from here to starting to say “can’t say I am surprised”, which is probably worse.)


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