Car Light Through the Soapsuds

I thought I couldn’t let January end without a final entry for Becky’s Squares: January Light.  So here we are at the car wash.


Frankly, though, I’m not really in the mood.  Not the day that the UK leaves the EU.  I’m looking forward to this evening though, when North Yorkshire for Europe is holding two parties, one in York, and one in Harrogate, where we’ll be.  The group’s invited EU nationals who’ve made their home in Yorkshire, so we can say ‘Thank EU 4 being here‘. We’ve already been mentioned on the Today programme, and …. well, we’ll just have to see.

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20 thoughts on “Car Light Through the Soapsuds”

  1. Trying not to think about what else is happening today . . . . I wish I could go through a car wash and come out to us still being in the EU the other side! A fabulous set of pictures to finish with, and what a great thing you are doing this evening. Hope it goes ok xxxx

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  2. Just wish it was as easy to wash away all the gloom and despondency. I have declined to engage with the ‘news’ today, have seen enough smug and brainless Union Jack waving this week – Farage, Widdecombe and co, painful. Wishing you an infinitely more genuine and enjoyable evening with our European friends.

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  3. It’s no use people saying we won’t see any changes till the end of the year; it doesn’t alter the fact that we have left, broken off with some of the most civilised countries in the world. Still Leavers can’t see the irony of being treated by EU nationals in hospital or happy to have them as neighbours.

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    1. Exactly. Even up here which is relatively monocultural, hospitals run, cafes are staffed by EU nationals, many of whom have English partners and have made their lives here.

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  4. I remember that I wanted to comment on this but for some reason couldn’t. I couldn’t think of a more fitting image to the situation – and I salute you for your taking a stand for as long as you did and could. Also to your hubby and friends and all those dear unknown other ‘stay in’ folks…. Sometimes we can’t win. You’ll always still be part of the EU – if only in our hearts. We have too many very dear friends, job opportunities, and more to have endeared your country to us. We hug you in our thoughts!

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