Framing North Yorkshire

There’s an invitation  this week, in Amy‘s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, to consider Framing the Shot.

Walking in the Yorkshire Dales gives so many photo opportunities that I thought I’d stay right here, on my home patch, to give this a go.

Here’s a wintry shot from just outside my own village. Trees provide a traditional frame.

Over in Reeth, I  made use of some less-than-attractive wire fencing to frame the distant hillside.

Harlow Carr Gardens provided its own frame above a pond.

While at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, (in West Yorkshire, this one) Henry Moore  provided a frame through which to view the landscape.

But there’s no need to take framing so literally.  There are other ways of a picture inviting you in.

The Pennine Way, near Gargrave North Yorkshire.

Those fields of rape plot the path we may take over the hills.

While these two suggest the limitless landscape lying beyond the dry stone walls.

And these sheep, this cormorant, highlight the vastness beyond them, just as the tree below, utterly unframed, suggests the famous bleakness of the Top Withens moorland near Hawarth, home of the Brontë sisters

Let’s finish with typical Yorkshire weather.  A view taken in the Crimple Valley one very dismal day in May.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #60– Framing the Shot




Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

45 thoughts on “Framing North Yorkshire”

  1. I really love the wire in the 2nd picture and the one of Pennine Way near Gargrave has a lovely, simple arrangement of ‘domes’. The Dales are just so lovely, in any weather (well, perhaps not in a total downpour or thick fog)!

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  2. Fabulous framing the shots. You’re right, Margaret, no need to take framing so literally. There are other ways of a picture inviting you in. I especially love the green hill photo and Henry Moor frame.

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you know Yorkshire well – your life history doesn’t reveal how well, but I gather you’ve settled for the Midlands. You must have your reasons……

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      1. My army career started with 3 years at The Army Apprentices College, Harrogate. I returned to Catterick many times for various courses, and we’ve spent many happy holidays in various locations in Yorkshire. I was originally from the Cheshire /Shropshire /Staffordshire border area. As to why we ended up in Nottingham, that’s a story all by itself!

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  3. A lovely collection; makes me think I’m viewing in a gallery 🙂 I particularly love the less literally framed shots. The cormorant is my favourite.

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  4. Having read so many books about the Yorkshire Dales, these landscapes seem almost familiar – even though I’ve never been there 🙂 I rather like the shot with the wire fencing for it’s unconventionality. Good choice.

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  5. Framing and boundaries are always of interest to the Art History types, myself included, and I think the intriguing image partially shot through the wired fencing would keep a discussion seminar going all morning.

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  6. What a great set of photos! These challenges clearly inspire you to pull out interesting pictures. I like them all . . . maybe the wire fence and Moore sculpture the best.

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  7. Love them all, Margaret – hard to choose here if I will have one favorite only…But the second and the third really spoke to me! Just so clever this gallery – and beautiful landscapes.


  8. I think my favorite photo is the one with the wire fence. This post makes me realize that I should think more about framing when I take photos.


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