Flash Demo, Leeds: ‘Stop the Coup’

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that we’ve been on another demo: a Flash Demo – one of the many that sprung up around the country as a direct and horrified response to Boris Johnson’s decision to ask the Queen to Prorogue Parliament: here’s an explanation.

If you’re reading this on Saturday, we’ll be in York, demonstrating again, alongside thousands of other in Leeds, and cities all over the country.

On Thursday, we heard from politicians from different parties, cooperating to fight together.  We heard from campaigners.  We heard from those from mainland Europe who’d chosen Britain as their home.  We heard from individuals terrified of the effect of No Deal on their own health or that of a loved one, dependent on prescription drugs.  And best of all we heard from children, some still in primary school: informed, passionate, articulate speeches.  Those children, still a long way from voting age, are our future.

This time, these rallies aren’t about Brexit.  Not really.  They’re about our Democracy.

Here are photos.

But I’ll leave you with this one, snapped through the window of a barbers’ shop in Leeds.  You might not like the language.  Gotta approve the sentiments.

My post for this weeks’s Six Word Saturday.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

41 thoughts on “Flash Demo, Leeds: ‘Stop the Coup’”

  1. This is so heartwa4ming. You are amazing ppl. Doing something. And yes, even as a non Brit, m heart is bleeding for you guys and we follow daily the further demolition of your precious country and we share the many, many feelings, questions and worries of our friends in the UK. That last one sd be distributed to everybody for free….

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  2. Sorry I love the language – we need more of it – let’s forget this silly squeamishness and say it how it is – we need to be heard – direct (non violent) protest in all its forms – it needs to be on the streets and now- they don’t care about us and our values so screw them; we want a better brighter all-inclusive future for ourselves, our country and particularly our youth; bring it on, Viva La Revolucion – and come warm your hearts with the finest inclusive Tapas experience while you’re at it – see you soon guys – stay strong and resolute – we’ll have a sing song to make us all feel better ! Rich XXX

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  3. No argument from Germany either. I have a number of friends who have taken out German citizenship over this, and I guess there are others in other European countries. And no argument with the language either (some thing only deserve this kind of language),

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  4. We watch from afar totally astounded and sickened by the moves pulled by Boris and his bunch. Fantastic so many are putting up a fight. This will be a significant week ahead. Let’s hope for a more united front among all those politicians also fighting for democracy. We are thinking of you.

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  5. Oh Margaret! Thanks for representing those of us who can’t go on demonstrations. My elder daughter was at the Sheffield demo, my younger daughter is in tears most of the time, terrified.

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      1. Have to admit, many of us in the old Canadian colony have been shocked since the Brexit vote itself and it does just seem to get more baffling all the time…you participating in the fight back though is true democracy in action.

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  6. I knew you’d be out down on the streets again, well done. There was even a protest here in Ipswich (a Leave town 🤨)! I attended. It was a cross party affair Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and any local person plucky enough to take the loud hailer and share their angry views on proroguing. Needless to say although Matt Hancock (Con. MP for Suffolk West) was invited he didn’t feel brave enough to attend and defend this undemocratic train wreck despite being a Cabinet member.

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    1. Don’t talk to me about Matt Hancock … or any other lily-livered-must-keep-my-job-at-any-price cabinet Minister. Men and Women of principle?? Our local MPs didn’t turn up either. Funny that.

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      1. It must be so depressing Margaret – hard to know where things go from here and some worrying developments. All you can do is try to stay positive and keep doing your bit. Sending moral support from afar. The theme for discussion in my weekly German conversation class this coming week will be (for the umpteenth time) Brexit. Trying to explain it to my bemused German friends and fellow classmates has been interesting (not that I support in any shape or form what has been happening but at least I can put it into context for them though I don’t relate to the country I grew up in any more which is sad).

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      2. We were on yet another rally yesterday. It’s so good to be among like-minded people, and so depressing to come home and find that, unaccountably, Johnson’s ratings have gone up in the polls. I don’t know my country any more. Thanks for doing your bit from afar!

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