….. en el quinto pino*

That’s where we were today. Miles away. A morning at the seaside at Almuñécar, just enjoying listening to the sea gently dragging and pushing at the pebbled beach. Just enjoying the sun, the bluest of skies, while Javi did a few bits of business.

Javi’s next job was to introduce us to the Alpujarras, the southern mountains flanking the Sierra Nevada. Its deep flanked rivers and gorges are fertile, terraced by man, but irrigated by meltwater from winter snows. These days it houses holidaying walkers more than workers of the land. Its few white villages were once the last bastion of the Moorish population. As their traditional Berber building style – white boxy houses with flat rooves – still demonstrates. We explored Pampaneira, which houses farmers, workers in the tourist industry, and second-homers. Here are its homes, its ancient wash-house, and its views.

*Estar en el quinto pino: to be at the 5th pine tree – a long way from home

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  1. The weather has finally broken here; I’m sitting with rain pounding the windows behind me. Losing myself in your atmospheric photos was all the better for the contrast. It looks so peaceful there.


  2. How I wish that somebody, anybody really, would have a ‘spot of business to attend to’ while I could while away some time in those incredibly beautiful places, drinking my espresso or a glass of wine, taking zillions of photos and logging another zillion in my eyes’ treasure chest….

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