Postcards from Granada


Our last full day in Granada. A taxi ride took us to the hills just beyond the city.

Views, always views, then a country walk down towards the town.

An unscheduled meeting with a flamenco – dancing legend: more of that tomorrow.

Sacromonte – an area of long-inhabited and quirky caves. A convivial and cheap set of tapas for a late lunch.

A teteria, or teahouse, to sample teas and sticky Arab pastries.

A quick trog up in the direction of the Alhambra to visit the Carmen de los Martires and its cool garden. Will that do? We’re not done yet. More tomorrow……..

20 thoughts on “Postcards from Granada

  1. Oh yes, I’ll have some of the Arab sticky pastries – mmm very tasty, especially for those of us with a sweet tooth. Looks like you’ve had gorgeous weather too, hope it holds for your last day.

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  2. Are they drinking tea in Granda? Really? Those teapots look ‘serious business’ – beaten and indestructible with their screwed on lids… that’s what I should have on my beautiful pewter and porcelaine English teapots. It screams holiday from every photo and I’m getting a bit envious, I have to admit.
    Surely, if the weather would get better again, that would help my moral too!

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