Ragtag Saturday: Frost

Winter childhood meant cold and frosty mornings, barely daring to get out of bed to shiver while washing in an icy bathroom, before returning to an equally icy room to muffle up in a vest, a blouse, a cosy cardigan and a sensible pleated skirt. Little girls didn’t wear trousers in those days and tights didn’t seem to exist, but I don’t remember my legs resenting being bare between sock-top and skirt bottom. But then boys of my age were wearing short trousers too.

I remember Jack Frost too. He had spent the early hours of the day sketching dizzyingly complex and beautiful patterns in luminous white on the inside of my bedroom window. It’s rare to see these intricate motifs on house windows these days. But the other day, arriving early in town, I passed a car park full of vehicles exhibiting examples of his artistry. I had to take a shot or two.

Today’s Ragtag prompt is: White

Author: margaret21

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25 thoughts on “Ragtag Saturday: Frost”

  1. You’ve brought back memories. I used to put my clothes between the top blanket and eiderdown (no duvets then) and I could get completely dressed without getting out of bed.

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  2. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! You’re right, we hardly ever see frost to this extent any more. I remember it from childhood too, on our single pane windows. These images are wonderful!

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  3. The patterns are truly magical just not on the INSIDE of a bathroom window. I think we must all have been a lot more hardy! 🎄🌟🎄Merry Christmas to you and your kin🎄🌟🎄

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  4. The last time I saw ‘ice blooms or ice flowers’ as we named them, was during our yearly ski-hols in the Swiss Valais – we rented one appartment in a wooden chalet, the one with a great view over the valley but no sun as the ‘good’ side of the chalet was (for us) non-existent and facing one floor up to the sunny side. We were on the cellar & washing/drying room level….. The night-dressing consisted of whatever vest (short or long-armed) we were wearing the day, a long pyjama over it, then a jumper, a scarf, hot water bottle….. and in the morning we were putting on the new clothes as quickly as was possible. If we could take a shower or bath in the evening, we would already put on the fresh clothes then…. But it was great fun too; and we went by train/bus and sledge, with a small child, a dog, a grand-mother, all our ski-material, a sledge and I still wonder how on earth we did it all!!!!

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    1. We were made of sterner stuff when we were younger, obviously. Lovely to have you back. I’ve been thinking about you, and hoping all is well. All good wishes for the coming year.

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