Ragtag Tuesday: a serendipitous sunset

I was dashing out to a meeting yesterday evening when this sight greeted me at the end of the road.

Pure serendipity.  I suddenly realised how early I was.  There were five minutes to spare when I could stand and stare at the black outlines of the newly-skeletal trees.  The sky was transforming from a sappy fresh green and yellow through to a pale teal blue, before bleeding into grey-edged tones of salmon pink cloud.  Why hurry?  I stayed and enjoyed the moment.

Tuesday’s Ragtag Prompt is ‘Serendipity’.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

24 thoughts on “Ragtag Tuesday: a serendipitous sunset”

  1. Happens to me a lot too, particularly when I’m taking the dog out for the umpteenth time and I’m frustrated with her and I’m grumpily stomping out the door and then … “OH!” and I’m so grateful she made me go outside. Your sky was simply wonderful!


  2. When dashing about I wonder how many serendipitous moments we simply overlook or are forced to ignore? Great that you could be open to this moment and welcome it in! Lovely how the silver slice of light on the horizon enhances both the silhouettes and the colour tinted clouds. Serendipitous is such a great word.

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  3. That was lovely. Thanks for sharing the sunset. It’s important to do what you did. Take the moment and enjoy what is happening in that moment, because that beauty if unique and will disappear. Another beautiful sunset will happen on another day but the loveliness will be slightly different. Sunsets are like snowflakes.

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