A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees – 1

And … we’re back from a more-or-less internet-free month in Spain. We’ve been with my daughter and partner, who five months ago became parents. This had been the first window of opportunity to get there, what with Covid travel restrictions.

We got to know and love Anaïs, as she mastered rolling over, sitting up, and enjoying English nursery rhymes to complement the Catalan ones her other yaya (granny) sings with her.

And we got to know and feel quite at home in the seaside town that Emily and Miquel moved to just before Anaïs was born. Only 12 miles from Barcelona, it’s assertively un-touristy – no hotels, AirB&B, catch-penny souvenir shops or menus in several languages.

So let’s start off with what the Spanish do best, and enjoy a drink in a bar shaded by the trees that line the streets.


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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

60 thoughts on “A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees – 1”

  1. Oh, marvellous….a #TreeSquare of a tree line town square! And how wonderful that this town is decidedly un-touristy. Wonderful that you have had time with family, time spent with little Anaïs.

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  2. Good to have you back after what sounds like a very special trip. At last you get to meet little Anaïs. (Beautiful name!) I’m looking forward to the remaining 14 trees. And especially to welcome you home, since I failed to deliver on the last month, a belated six degrees is scheduled for this evening 😄

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  3. Oh welcome home Margaret. It’s so good to hear you had a great time. No doubt you will stories and photos to go with them in the next few weeks. 😀 😀

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  4. ‘And then you came back’ indeed! Welcome home – we’ve missed you – and it seems you’ve brought the sunshine back with you. I’m looking forward to more stories and pictures.

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  5. How lovely for you to be able to make such a visit and stay for a month. The pandemic has made it so difficult for families spread across different countries, so pleased you managed to escape to meet new granddaughter, family and all at the seaside too. 😊

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  6. we’ve missed you but are so happy that you have had such a marvellous time, and I am so excited about catching up with your trip through 15 trees. So very clever 😀

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  7. Wonderful to have you back, Margaret.
    Of course I’m jealous of your time in Catalonia, but so happy you finally got all that family time.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more. Happy testing and isolating 😉


  8. Oh, lovely to see you are back, and brought the sun too! Thank you! Rather jealous of you having a month away, with family and darling granddaughter to boot. 5 months old is a magical time I think. Hope the tests aren’t too onerous and that you stay safe and well. As for those trees, I could very happily sit in the shade there and sip a glass of wine.

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  9. Oh, how wonderful you got to visit your daughter at last and meet your granddaughter! I’m very happy for you 🙂 And that town looks lovely – the ‘real’ Spain, it seems!

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  10. Also from me a hearty welcome back. It’s so precious to be able to travel again to see your family. I can travel nowhere but take – for now – great pleasure to get to know my home country better …. It’s a rare delight to have such family reunions and at such a delightful, not touristy place too.
    Much love from 🇭🇰

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  11. How wonderful that you have been able to travel again and also to meet you little granddaughter for the first time! I saw you had been posting about Spain and have been looking through your posts wondering if this was a past trip or not. It’s lovely to see Europe is opening up again!

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      1. Yes my poor dad has no idea what is happening either (he’s very mentally alert for an 88 year old too). I’m not sure I’d be trusting any of the figures either – seems odd cases have suddenly fallen. Perhaps now schools are out people are not testing as much or avoiding doing tests so they can still go on holiday who knows? My dad finds it safer to still take sensible precautions so he wears his mask everywhere and avoids crowded places. It sounds a real hassle travelling at present but I can well understand that you wanted to see your family again! No idea when we’ll leave Australia again – it seems a long way off!

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      2. Indeed. We avoided planes in favour of a breezy ferry which was in any case half empty. Avoiding testing was not an option: checks are taken, plus daily phone calls when you’re in quarantine. Yes, we wear masks, though far too many people don’t now they don’t ‘have’ to. Really, travel’s a bit of a nightmare unless you have a real incentive, as we did. And I’m glad we took the chance.

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