Postcards from Dovedale

We’ve just come back from Dovedale.

Dovedale?  Yes, it’s in the Peak District, a glorious area of England, part of its Pennine spine.  There are old stone-built towns and villages with long histories of hard work in mining, textiles and farming.  There are limestone and millstone grit uplands and escarpments, with distant forest and moorland views, and valleys and gorges cut deep into the limestone.  There are ancient stone circles and enchanting landscapes.  Forget modern life, put on your walking boots and explore.

We had four wonderful days, which for once, we didn’t have to organise.  Here’s why.

Walking with our group, as the afternoon sun cast our shadows against a drystone wall.

Autumn was begining to show its colours, but summer temperatures remained.  We walked.  I didn’t have a camera (Barcelona…..).  I had a new mobile phone though.  It isn’t the same, but I played with some of its gizmos.  Here are my postcards from Dovedale.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

21 thoughts on “Postcards from Dovedale”

  1. I grew up in Derby, Margaret. Dovedale and Matlock were 2 favourite family Sunday haunts back in the late 50s. I think there is even a photo of me posed on a stepping stone aged 6. Looks like you snatched the best bits of autumn with summer weather. I wish I was bold enough to take a walking holiday. Might need to find one that does a day off in between!

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    1. Yola, I can recommend these. There were quite a few solo participants, and ones who did not, or could not walk daily. Someone I met had received an injury shortly before coming so could not join the organised walks. But she had a good time too. Lots of suggestions of easier walks and visits available. Malcolm only walked on one day, as he cycled on the others, doing what he chose.


  2. I love Dovedale. A couple of your photos mirror some I’ve taken too – particularly the mouth of the cave (where we sheltered in a downpour which was glorious). I shall certainly take a look at the link you’ve added; I’ve hankered after a holiday such as this.

    Glad the weather was kind too!

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    1. See my comments to Yola above. I really don’t do group holidays (the idea of a cruise makes me feel quite faint), but they struck just the right note. Sociability when you want it, peace and quiet when you don’t.

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  3. There are so many wonderful places to walk in the Peak District. We visit the Peaks every year and try to find at least one new route to try and re-visit old favourites. Your photos are very good. You have an eye for a good shot.

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    1. Yes, it’s a place we shall definitely return to. We used to live in Sheffield, but had no car in those days, so were limited to excursions that could be achieved on the bus – not as hard as it sounds.

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