In which I more than feel my age

When I take William to the park, the playground, a museum, the library or the shops, there’s always a grandparent or two like me, doing their share of childminding.

Not today. Sarah’s friends recommended the new adventure play at a local leisure centre as a good place to spend the morning. I’d be able to relax while William let off steam.

It didn’t work out like that. Towers, tunnels, trampolines and slides went from ground to way above our heads. Daunting at first if you’re only two. ‘Granny come too’.

Which is all very well, but safety netting was at small-child-head-height. We scrambled up padded stairways; inserted ourselves into cylindrical tunnels; dropped through chutes to the floor below, and zipped down slides that, were they removed to a domestic setting, would have to be sited leaving from the bedroom window.

At this point I noticed that I was easily twice the age of the next oldest carer. Just now, sore and creaky, I feel at least four times older.

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21 thoughts on “In which I more than feel my age”

  1. You are a star!! I’ve watched my Ellie follow her youngest through these play areas. I can’t imagine myself doing it! Plus I’m scared of heights…. It’s all I can do to let the children play without shouting ‘helpful’ warnings: do be careful; go slowly…. I am a useless granny really! 😉

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      1. It was a tongue in cheek reply 🙂 Though I do think you’re a star for clambouring through those tunnels and sliding down those shutes. Safe journey home. Hope the aches and pains ease quickly 🙂

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  2. I used to do all that stuff at Crazy Tykes at Thorp Arch. Kids are too old now but I loved it at the time.we had such fun. The food was quite nice too.

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    1. Oh, I did comment on your comment, but it seems to have got lost. You were always much sportier than me. I can’t honestly say it was one of my treasured memories.


  3. Go Granny! How adventurous and brave. I expect your active support was much appreciated. It is surprising how you experience the aches and pains after the event though isn’t it? Must be all that adrenalin at the time that keeps you from feeling the jolts and strains tugging at your muscles.

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    1. I don’t think two year olds do appreciation. Surely everyone likes crawling through tunnels as much as they do? And the aches and pains are sending me to bed now. 9.30.

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