A mish-mash of a day….

…. At the market at Stary Kleparz. Just look at all those mushrooms.

At Collegium Maius, the oldest part of the Jagiellonian University of Krakow. It’s one of the oldest universities in the world, and my father studied there.

Up the Town Hall Tower in the Market Square …

… from which we could see St. Mary’s Basilica, whose wonderful polychromatic interior seduced me as much as the magnificent altarpiece by Veit Stoss.

All of these deserve posts of their own.  But not just now. I spend my time getting lost. I can’t even walk the 300 metres or so to our favourite café without getting in a muddle. Every single time.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

10 thoughts on “A mish-mash of a day….”

  1. Those mushrooms look incredible – what a choice. Great pictures, it all looks so different from anything I’ve seen and the phrase that sprang to mind was ‘very Baltic’!
    Would love to hear more about the food you are eating! We are loving the French food as always although starting to miss one or two items…….. x

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    1. My system began to rebel at meat every day, but I’m finally finding Polish dishes without. Lovely food, but a touch filling for our taste. However, it’s ridiculously cheap. Gdansk was Baltic in style alright. This seems very Polish, with hints of Russian and to a lesser extent, German.

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