A lunch stop with sheep

I’m having a busy week.  I’ve got far too much to do to take a day out walking with friends.

Except that on Tuesday when I woke up, the sun was already bright and the sky was clear.  We haven’t had days like that in a while.  And John, who always knows a good walk, had planned to take us near Thruscros Reservoir.  The jobs could wait.

Here’s the reservoir, offering a home to wildlife, and panoramic views to us, while supplying clean water to the population of Leeds.

We walked through woodland and through Daleside pasture with moorland views beyond.

And at lunchtime, we found a sunny drystone wall to rest our backs against as we picnicked.  The local sheep were interested.  Picnics mean tasty snacks, perhaps.  They organised a mass silent and peaceful demonstration for food.  We resolutely ignored them, and finally they mooched off to nibble at their pastureland once more.

The morning had been all uphill, which meant the afternoon was all downhill (well done, John!).  Soon we were at the reservoir again.  A fine day’s walking was had by all.  And my jobs remain uncompleted.

Since writing my last post, I’ve discovered that my friend Janet Willoner has written a wonderful piece describing a murmuration of starlings, in Melissa Harrison’s equally wonderful anthology ‘Winter’.  Here’s the link.



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31 thoughts on “A lunch stop with sheep”

  1. I do miss Yorkshire Dales walks from my years as a student at Leeds. We visit friends in York often enough that we get a decent fix every once in a while. (I remember loving that starlings piece in ‘Winter’!)

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    1. I was thinking you didn’t need to have this piece pointed out to you, but I’d forgotten you know the Dales to an extent. Time to revisit?


  2. You put me to shame, I’ve been indoors all week, painting, cooking, interviewing, writing. I really should get off my backside and at least into my much-neglected garden. That description of the murmuration of starlings is lovely, btw.

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  3. When you’re too busy is always a good time for a walk. You need to take advantage of the weather and enjoy stolen pleasure.

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  4. You made the only right decision – seize the day, especially when the sun is shining 🙂 Love those sheep!

    (What a small world: I’d just read the starling piece in Winter only a day or so before reading your murmuration post and was struck by the likelihood of coming across two such pieces in such quick succession. Both are beautifully worded; both reaffirm my intention to see one for myself one day.)

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  5. That photo of the walkers and the sheep is priceless! And those stone walls are gorgeous. I think you have your priorities just right, to choose a walk on a perfect day!

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  6. I have learnt that it is always a good idea to go walking whenever the opportunity arises. That blue sky was too good to ignore!
    I was told by someone that sheep cannot resist bread, which seems strange to me but is probably true, as we were hassled by a group of sheep while we were having a picnic on the moor above Appleby.
    The account of the murmuration you linked to is beautifully described – thank-you for bringing it to my notice.

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      1. I like Hawes. Be sure to go up Buttertubs, imagining yourselves as Tour de France cyclists puffing your way over the tops. And if you find yourselves in the North Stainley area, do let us know. Happy holidays!

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