Snapshot Saturday: The Road Taken through Colsterdale

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The road less taken from Scar House Reservoir

The road we could have taken to Scar House Reservoir

I love Colsterdale.  It may be my favourite Yorkshire dale.  It’s an isolated area, tucked away, north-west of Masham.  Not a single main road goes through it. There are no traffic jams here, just local cars (4x4s are useful), vans and tractors.

Walking these tracks, be prepared to share your route with a few sheep.

There are routes though.  Ancient routes forged as long ago as the 14th century, when there was a long-gone coal mine here, or more recently by stockmen driving their flocks over the harsh moorland landscape.  These days, it’s hikers and ramblers who are more likely to use these tracks. Perhaps they’re completing the Six Dales Trail, or finding out the history of the Leeds Pals.  Perhaps, like us, they’re enjoying a walk from Leighton Reservoir, and enjoying long distance views of Scar House Reservoir.

This week’s WordPress photo challenge: The Road Taken

21 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: The Road Taken through Colsterdale

  1. Walking the same paths that have been used for many hundreds of years – what a kick! I’ve often wondered what our ancestors would think of a time when people walked for pleasure and recreation? Beautiful views.

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  2. What a beautiful area! I love your caption on the first picture about the road you “could have taken.” It’s a nice twist on the Robert Frost line about the “road not taken.”

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