Snapshot Saturday: a Good Match for Newcastle and the River Tyne

The Millennium Bridge, looking along the Tyne towards the Sage concert hall and the Tyne Bridge.
The Millennium Bridge, looking along the Tyne towards the Sage concert hall and the Tyne Bridge.

We were in Newcastle last weekend, and we spent much of our time admiring the fine buildings of the city centre, and mooching about the Quayside.  That Millennium Bridge! What a perfect match for its surroundings.  It links the proud Victorian architecture of Newcastle with contemporary work housed in the Baltic Centre just on the Gateshead bank of the River Tyne.  Its clean soaring parabola provides a perfect complement to the more long established city bridges.

‘The bridges over the Tyne between Newcastle and Gateshead are justifiably famous. They are not merely bridges, but icons for the North East. Over the years the single (Georgian) bridge existing in the early Victorian period has been joined by six others. First the High Level Bridge, giving the river its first railway crossing, then the Swing Bridge (replacing the Georgian bridge), and the first Redheugh Bridge, replaced twice, to be followed by the King Edward Bridge and the most famous of them all, the new Tyne Bridge. After many decades came the Queen Elizabeth Metro Bridge and finally, in 2001, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge opened to provide a stunning pedestrian and cycle link between the redeveloped quaysides on either side of the river. In the space of less than a mile seven bridges link Newcastle with Gateshead.’

From ‘Welcome to Bridges on the Tyne

A response to this week’s WordPress Photo challenge, ‘A good match‘.

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20 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: a Good Match for Newcastle and the River Tyne”

  1. Oh the city of my birth. I loved this post for the memories it brought back to me. My dear departed mum was photographed on the old bridge at the age of 3 when it was opened by King George V in the 1920s.
    I have written blogposts about the bridges before and I just love them. Thank you for this good match.


    1. Oooh, I’m going to check those posts out! I don’t know Newcastle at all well, but it strongly appeals to me. How lovely to have that family photo of the opening of the bridge.

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  2. Wonderful photos, as always. To my eye they are reminiscent of the snow shoeing set in terms of colour palette and use of shadow.

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