January 20th in Washington, Wakefield and Bolton

We’ll all remember 20th January 2017, the day Donald Trump took his oath as President of the United States.  No comment.

The 20th January was special within our family too.  It was the day my son Thomas celebrated his 40th birthday.  Really?  How did that happen?  Is it forty years since my son kicked and chortled in his pram, his simple world revolving round milk, sleep, fluffy nappies (no disposables then) and besotted parents?  Now he’s a besotted parent in his turn.  And nobody much remembers that it’s forty years since Jimmy Carter became President of the United States.

Thomas is no longer newborn here. All those colour photos got so faded. But here he is in his splendid woolly bear coat that I crocheted for him- all by myself
Thomas is no longer newborn here. All those colour photos got so faded. But here he is, nearly a whole year old in his splendid woolly bear coat that I crocheted for him- all by myself.

Unexpectedly, 20th January turned out to be even more special for our family.  It was the day that my daughter Elinor, having seen off her husband to cancer nine months ago; having been diagnosed as a cancer sufferer only four months after that; having had one operation that failed to dig it all out; and having had a mastectomy only the week before last was declared cancer free.  She’s got preventative chemotherapy and radiotherapy to face still, and breast reconstruction.  But she’ll be fine.  And that was more than we dared to hope only a few weeks ago.

Thomas and Elinor explore Glastonbury Tor, getting on for forty years ago
Thomas and Elinor explore Glastonbury Tor, getting on for forty years ago

This makes 20th January a Red Letter Day for this family.  Even Donald Trump can’t take that away from us.

Donald Trump was inaugurated in Washington DC.  Thomas was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire.  Elinor lives in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

41 thoughts on “January 20th in Washington, Wakefield and Bolton”

  1. I am so pleased for you all 👏🏻 And that red all-in-one, my daughter had it, she wouldn’t go on the beach unless she was covered head to toe, she also had red wellies and red face! As for he-who-shall-not-be-named, I’m not commenting either (except I just did 😄)

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  2. So glad to hear that Elinor is cancer free. All best wishes to your family and hope everything goes smoothly with the treatment.
    2017 is the chinese year of the rooster and we’ve been invited to celebrate with May, who goes walking with the ramblers sometimes. Perhaps we’ll see you before than.
    Joyce and John x

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  3. Fantastic news re Elinor, hopefully you can all start to look forward. Hope Malcolm’s ok. I know exactly how you feel about Thomas as Christopher reached forty just after Christmas. I know it’s a cliché but where does it all go? When his son is forty I shall be ninety seven!

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  4. As I recall back in the mists of time – 40 was a significant milestone – best wishes! Love the black and white photo.
    Hard to imagine how joyful you must feel about your daughters diagnosis – many electronic hugs sent your way.

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  5. So happy to hear that your daughter is cancer free. Still a long road ahead with chemo and radiation but a road she will be able to travel with renewed strength along with her loving family and friends to support her.

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  6. I’m so glad you had positive reasons to be happy about January 20–that day will go down in infamy here, I’m afraid. Ellie’s news is great–I’m sure she’ll have tough moments ahead but she sounds like a tough woman!

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  7. Happy Birthday a week late… I read the post and got lost in life. It is wonderful news to read about Elinore – aka Fanny. Such wonderful news, indeed. 1/20/2017 is indeed a great day. Keeping the positive thoughts and prayers coming east to your side of the pond. Peace.


  8. Margaret; I just got ‘redirected’ to you as I only now realised that you liked one of my comments on Susan’s blog – many weeks ago – I don’t even know to which post and it doesn’t matter…. I simply got caught in your tale here on January 20th…. and I’m SO GLAD for the good news – may all her days from then on be GOOD ONES! Love


  9. Hi Margaret, catching up with this a bit late, but so pleased to hear your good news re Elinor’s prognosis. Wishing her and all the family strength through the treatment process as you look forward to her recovery.

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