From Masham to Marfield. And back.

North Yorkshire, Walking, Yorkshire Dales

mashamdec2016-003On Christmas day I posted a scene from our days living in the Ariège.  I felt very nostalgic for the Pyrenees, for snowy peaks silhouetted against clear blue skies, for cold clear air.

Today gave me the chance to remember that our countryside, though so very different, has its own charms and pleasures.  We walked from nearby Masham and past the gravel pits of Marfield, now home to water birds of every kind: though only Canada geese and a few proud swans got a look in this morning.


We passed stands of ancient oaks, saw stark lines of skeletal trees marching along the horizon, watched the sky turn from Pyreneen blue to moody grey and purple then back to cheerful blue again.  Sheep in late pregnancy cropped the short grass.  We stopped to chat with fellow walkers walking off a calorie-laden Christmas. The River Ure was never far away.  A pretty good morning’s work, actually.

25 thoughts on “From Masham to Marfield. And back.

  1. I always get nostalgic for places I’ve lived and left–I only remember them at their best moments. Your walk was the perfect antidote, to remind you that your current circumstances are pretty darn wonderful!

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    1. Good! That’s because it is. I’m hoping 2017 will be the year I get to know your part of the world a little better too, as I visit in quest of my ancestors, who lived in Suffolk for centuries.


      1. Ah beautiful Suffolk, half of my family comes from Suffolk and my daughter was born in Ipswich Hospital. Actually, I am in the process of trying to move back down to my favourite county after 20 years away!

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      1. Tasmania would be our most similar to the English countryside. My husband once sat beside a very tired looking elderly English lady who was on the last leg of a trip to Tasmania. As they were landing she said “are you sure this is it? It looks just like home.” And indeed flying into Launceston in winter is so much like England, snow on the hills, stone houses, meandering rivers and bare willows. Oh damn now I’m missing it!

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