Busan in the rain

South Korea

Our high-speed train journey to Busan was effortless, and involved simply looking through the window at views which changed from high-rise cities and towns to glistening wet paddy fields to thickly wooded hillside.

And here we are in Busan. It’s raining, and how. It may do so for three more days. Never mind.

This time we’re not staying in a small old and traditional hanok, but in a hotel. A motel actually, as is common here. We think this one is fine, but you have to watch out. Another name for motels is ‘love hotel’ and it’s where you bring your – er – bit on the side. Very boringly, neither of us can find one.

But here’s a picture of Busan on this very wet evening. Roll on tomorrow and the chance to explore.

20 thoughts on “Busan in the rain

  1. great pic! Busan is where Emily lives, yes? Looking forward to more posts and impressions. I hope Malcolm is back to firing on all cylinders or nearly all.


    1. Health all round is good. Thank you. The weather is better than the forecast says it should be. We had a great weekend with Emily. All is very good. Today too, even though Emily will be at work.

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