A very special temple – Beomeo-sa

Emily took us on a special journey today. On a bus which climbed steadily up increasingly wooded slopes, leaving Busan with its crowds and high-rise buildings far below. We got off at the Buddhist temple, Beomeo-sa

It’s been here since 678. There’s a golden well nearby in which a golden fish from Nirvana lives, so this site was perfect as headquarters for the Dyana sect.

The Japanese destroyed it in 1593. It was rebuilt.

This is a temple, a working monastery, a place of worship and pilgrimage. It shows. Those of us who visited as tourists felt something of what it offers as we absorbed the beauty, peace and serenity of this special site.

Author: margaret21

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    1. You’re right. The difference is that Fountains Abbey ceased to be a place of worship more than four centuries ago. The temple is a living one, and apart from the monks, many visitors were clearly worshippers too.


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