Dancing for Chuseok

Yesterday was for dancing. Korean dancing. Which we saw at the very wonderful National Museum of Korea – of which more later, when I’m not pecking at a smartphone.

Here were wonderfully clad dancers in the national colours of white, red and green. The men got all the action. Tossing their heads made the ribbons on their heads swirl and circle. They strutted, marched, tapped intricate rhythms on drums, jumped and kicked as the women demurely circled round. The younger men created tottering towers of children above their heads. They thrilled us.

I wish I could post my videos. But I can’t.


12 thoughts on “Dancing for Chuseok”

  1. I have seen this performance twice or thrice. There’s a performance during Buddha’s birth (May) and the cherry blossom festival in Yeouido (April). We attended a Korean wedding last November and saw a similar performance. 🙂

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