Sauntering in Seoul

South Korea

If you want a pair of experts in miming for your Christmas charades, we’re your team. We spent the morning getting coffee from a back-street coffee shop, directions from anyone whose eye we caught and lunch from a market stall, all without benefit of much language at all. Pidgin Konglish rules.

Mainly though we got our bearings and pottered round the markets. Whole zones – large zones – concentrated entirely on their specialisms – traditional jewellery; timepieces; electricians’ goods (whole shops for instance of flexes and cables); rubber bands; string; cardboard packaging; logo packaging; sports trophies …..

From late morning, women scurried about with newspaper-covered tin trays on their heads containing appetising looking lunches. These meals were delivered to shop assistants and tradesmen who sat on the floor of their workplace or in the street to eat.

At the moment, rain has stopped play. But we needed a break anyway.

10 thoughts on “Sauntering in Seoul

  1. Looks and sounds very interesting, especially the details, like the trays on heads. I’m sure you are saying more Korean words than you are admitting too!!!


  2. Sounds fascinating and that you’re enjoying the differences in culture too. I never understand travellers who want things to be familiar instead of enjoying the exotic.


  3. Sounds wonderful, Margaret! I love these details from your potter and the photos too. Just a little knowledge of a language and a bit of an effort to communicate make all the difference to a foreign experience.


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