Rather lost in Seoul

We’re here. In Seoul. A very long flight was hugely improved by our being upgraded to First Class no less. Long story.

An hour long bus journey in Seoul dropped us off within a five minute walk of our guest house. Forty five minutes later we found it, having been misdirected by a night watchman, a housewife and a schoolgirl, before finally happening upon two English-speaking students who used an app to find our address.

Which is a traditional Hanok house – wooden, mattresses on the floor – very cosy. More tomorrow. Off to bed. I’ve had no sleep for forty hours.

22 thoughts on “Rather lost in Seoul”

  1. Enjoy your visit, sleep well. Tomorrow will be here before you know it. It probably already is – you are fourteen hours (and a day ahead of me) you’ll wake and be reading this Tuesday, it is is late Sunday night as I ramble this off. Have fun and enjoy your visit.


  2. Wow, first class!
    Hoping as I type this you will be fast asleep (although I need to work out the time difference). Can’t wait to hear and see more.


    1. We’re 8 hours ahead. I tried to post a thing with 9 pictures and it wouldn’t let me. So I lost the post. Grrrrr. I’ve just done it again with fewer images. Not easy on a smartphone.


  3. well I think it was very magnanimous of you to post after 40 hours without sleep – and that was before I saw you’d had one failed attempt already. I liked the picture you chose. Look forward to more reports when you’re able.


  4. You got upgraded to first class?! That’s so wonderful–I can’t imagine that long a flight back in coach. Glad to see you’re managing to post and managing to get around–it’ll all get easier, I’m sure.


  5. Most impressed with the upgrade. We’ve only ever flown steerage. It once took us 14 hours to get to KL! I always book legroom for Jeremy and I know exactly where on an A380 we need to sit but I can sleep anywhere and don’t need much space. It looks really great so far and I’m looking forward to your Blog. I assume your phone has Google maps, I find it really helpful.


      1. well it does sound quite demanding – and hot! Mind you London temps are well over 30 degrees today and very humid with it. Here’s to restored health for Malcolm and go easy, both of you.


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