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Here we are in London on the first leg of our journey to South Korea. But really, why bother? Look what I found being given away at Charing Cross Station this morning. Free Korean newspapers. The adverts in them reveal that all Korean life is here in London.

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14 thoughts on “Read all about it.”

  1. VERY impressed that you can read it. Regarding kitchen roll, it takes all sorts!! Bon voyage – sorry I can’t do it in S Korean


  2. The hottest food in London is obviously Korean!
    I’m down in Havant at the moment visiting my daughter, but I’ll be passing through Kings Cross on Friday so I’ll look out for Korean newspapers there.
    Have a lovely journey, I’m sure it will be amazing.


  3. Typical! You could have saved the price of the plane tickets and gone Korean in London! But without your daughter. Enjoy your short stop-over in the Capital and have a safe journey.


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