Marmite: all ready to slather on hot buttered toast (Wikimedia Commons)
Marmite: all ready to slather on hot buttered toast (Wikimedia Commons)

We’re almost packed for Korea.  We’ve remembered to pack the Marmite for Emily.

My friend Penny’s packed and left for France, where she’s staying at Maison Grillou with Kalba, happily exiled from England.  She’s remembered to pack the Marmite too.  Two jars – large.

What is it about us Brits?  We can live abroad for years and years, and learn to do without Proper Tea (very easy for me, that one), baked beans on toast (even easier), and Bird’s custard powder (easier still).  But deprive us of our Marmite, and we go into a steady decline.  It’s not as if we all like it.  Marmite themselves never try to convert anyone in their advertising.  They know full well we either love it or loathe it, and there’s no point whatsoever in trying to persuade a Marmite-hater to give it another go.


What is clear though is that you do have to be British to love it.  I’ve never spoken to anyone born outside the UK who could understand our love for this peculiar, salty yeast extract, a by-product of the brewing industry.

What’s your take on it?  Incredibly, there’s even a board game to help you decide.  I don’t need to play.  I love it.

Marmite - the board game.
Marmite – the board game.

43 thoughts on “Marmite”

  1. Does Birds Eye Custard taste fishy? I prefer simply “Birds Custard”. Keep up the good work. Rambler/ Rotarian David Wells told me of your blog. Derek Jeary


  2. Haha, we’re about to fly to Spain with only carry-on bags. Him Outdoors panicked briefly (can’t take Marmite in hand luggage of course) until I pointed out that we had plenty stashed away over there already. Another addict. Can’t stand Aussie Vegemite though (and vice versa, according to my Aussie friends).

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  3. Yes I love it too but John hates it so I always buy a small jar because it lasts for ages.
    Anyway enjoy your travels and pass the marmite around. Never know you might find some new fans!!!

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  4. I love proper tea and Bird’s Custard Powder but, like your friend’s husband, I’m indifferent to Marmite. Are you aware that Margaret Thatcher was addicted to the stuff, preferably on toast and topped with a poached egg? Have a wonderful trip!

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  5. I can’t tell you how delighted I am that Marmite Supplies are on the way – my stash is getting dangerously low … It is quite literally the only thing I miss from the UK (custard powder? Nah – real custard, with eggs, thank you!) – and the most difficult thing to explain to a French person 🙂

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    1. No. No. Cooking with Marmite is just …. wrong. I really can’t be doing with it. Have a great trip … and don’t break the Marmite jars before you reach your destination.


  6. Definitely a ‘love-it’ family here, except for my husband who is indifferent but once in a blue moon will put a little on toast. My kids were weaned on Marmite soldiers and their kids love it too. I have swapped to Natex low salt yeast extract though which is a bit more like Vegemite – sacrilege I know – as it has a slight herby taste. The other day I fancied something both sweet and savoury amd couldn’t think what it was. Before I knew it, I had spread Natex on a rice cake, topped it with peanut butter, then thinly sliced cucumber, all topped off with sliced banana! Surprisingly good and ticked all the boxes 😂

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  7. I used to like it when I was younger – just spread on a strong cheddar – but have drifted from it in recent decades and can’t say I miss it! What I would miss though would be updates from South Korea though so enjoy yourself and let us know how it goes.

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  8. Marmite for your daughter, but you’ve got a myriad of kimchis to try not to mention bulgogi and some tasty tried pollack. That dried fish was the only pregnancy craving I had and luckily for me, a Korean lady brought me back a big bag of it after a visit home!!!
    All the best for your trip and have a fabulous time. And, ‘haeng un’ – I think. 😀


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