Rain before sunshine

The rainy view from the car park in Grassington.
The rainy view from Grassington.

We woke up to rain.  So the question was – to walk today, or not to walk today?  Malcolm said ‘no’.  I,  albeit reluctantly, said ‘yes’, and went off to join the Ripon Ramblers at our Ripon rendez-vous.  It was still raining on and off, and as we struggled into cagoules and overtrousers in the car park at Grassington, the rain was definitely more on than off.

Curlews on the skyline
Curlews on the skyline

You can see from the pictures that it was grey and forbidding.  But these conditions lasted ten whole minutes.  Then a breeze picked up and blew away the black clouds. Our Dalesway views became clearer and brighter.   We spotted curlews on the skyline.  We scrambled down a narrow ravine on our way to Conistone that reminded me  of walking in the Gorges de la Frau back in the Ariège.  And it was lunch-break time in picturesque Conistone itself.

That's all it was: a dried stream bed.
That’s all it was: a dried stream bed.

We spent the afternoon working our way back towards Grassington.  There was a country lane, paths through fields bright with meadow flowers, and a long wooded section high above the River Wharfe.  The prize here was the sight of a heron patiently fishing.  He didn’t fly away as we came into view, but remained still, quiet, awaiting his fish dinner.  Finally however, we passed too close, and he flew reluctantly away.

The patient heron
The patient heron

And then it was nearly time for us to end our walk, and claim our reward of a pleasant few minutes sitting out in the sunshine of a café  courtyard, with toasted teacakes and a cuppa.  We felt smugly satisfied that we’d braved the rain.  What rain?

Grassington again.  Journey's end.  And look.  Blue sky!
Grassington again. Journey’s end. And look. Blue sky!

12 thoughts on “Rain before sunshine”

  1. This looks like a superb walk! I wish we had more in the way of public footpaths in the US–it’s just not really possible to ramble through the countryside here.


      1. We have plenty of parks and set-aside places but not the long, rambling public footpaths that go from town to town. The idea of private property and trespassing seems to be much more fiercely defended here.


  2. Well that wasn’t today obviously . I was doing a walkout with Liz and Linda, 2 Leeds Ramblers, at Embsay and whilst we did have an hour and a half dry, the second half we were rained on continuously. I did take a change of clothing so was comfy in the pub afterwards.

    Of course it’s a lovely evening now, c’est la vie !

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Indded. It was last Tuesday. This post was published while we were still in Florence: 34 degrees and beating sunshine Still, back at LBA, the weather was lovely: fresh and sunny, as you’ve pointed out.


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