Ripon, Yorkshire, 2014

One of the things I noticed about Ripon as soon as we started to get to know it is how many fine examples there are of what you might call civic signage. Then I came across a blog, by Simon Hawkesworth, a Lancastrian whose interest is in letterforms. In fact his blog is called City of Letters. Here’s what he discovered when he visited Ripon.
He wrote this post on his blog. Now I don’t have to: enjoy

10 thoughts on “Ripon, Yorkshire, 2014”

  1. Hello Margaret! You always have good ideas! How to notice examples of lettering! It makes us want to do the same and look at houses with more attention. Here the sky is grey and this morning we went to a walk to observe birds and flowers under mist! I see that you walk with a nice group and that you sometimes were at a youth theatre show. I like cinema but I think I prefer drama. When I was in Paris last month , with my son and daughter-in-law we went to see Andromaque by Racine in La Comédie française (I learnt it when I was 14th!). It was a great moment! Go on Margaret sharing with us parts of your life!


  2. We have a fascination with lettering in this house (nothing at all to do with Andrew being a graphic designer…) and have a large collection of typographic photographs. Mind you I also quite a lot of French ones, so many in the Art Deco style still around and the faded adverts on walls are almost a French cliché now.


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